10 Ways Ariana Grande Donned An Oversized Sweatshirt Like A Dress

I appreciate it, Ariana.

You have entirely altered how sweatshirts are supposed to be worn and recreated in oversized fashion.

I mean

Who else can dress up a sweater the way you do?

However, it also looks fantastic!

1. like a cheerleader

Ariana appears athletic in this photo and seems eager to support her team. It may be only the yellow-striped Reebok logo.

Imagine her being a spectator.

2. Baggy can be luxury

Who says oversized clothing is cheap-looking?

Put on a pair of Gucci boots, and there you have it!

3. No privacy handbag

This transparent sweetened handbag is confusing to me.

There is no privacy because her telephone and cosmetic powder are visible.

It may be the key idea.

4. Never too black

A little green around your waist will go a long way when wearing long black sleeves and boots like Ariana.

5. Pink is too cute

I’ll be truthful.

She didn’t need to make that endearing expression.

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Already TOO CUTE are that pink sweater dress and 3-inch sneakers!

6. looking expensive

Even though it’s simply a plain white blouse, the fact that Ariana is wearing it makes it seem incredibly pricey.

And it most likely still is.

7. inside the airport

The singer was spotted at the airport looking just as stunning as always. I like how she styled the oversized purple pullover to seem like a little skirt.

8. Grey performance

Everyone pauses to watch Ariana Grande perform when she starts to sing and dance. She can be all grey if she wants to.

9. on the cruise ship

Which is more beautiful? I’m still determining.

Which would you rather see: Grande standing with her long ponytail in an oversized yellow sweater or the sunset on a lavish cruise ship?

Just let’s have both.

10. Victory goes to Reebok

One of Reebok’s wisest decisions has to be partnering with the international pop artist.

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The victory symbol sums up every successful outcome.