Avril Lavigne No Makeup Photos Revealed

It eludes me.

Avril Lavigne was impossible to locate without eyeliner. I found only a few, but it was pretty tricky.

Seriously, her images without makeup aren’t horrible or anything.

1. Whistle like pro

Although I doubt all musicians have excellent whistling skills, I’m confident that many do not look as attractive without makeup.

2. Sitting down without eyeliner

This discovery is unusual.

Avril had no eyeliner on in that picture, which is probably the only one I can say. Zoom in if necessary and move closer to the object.

3. Flawless smile

You’ll get what I mean.

Heavy mascara is not necessary for Avril to appear stunning. She is naturally faultless, as seen by this bare-faced smile.

4. Pimple scars under the sun

It appears that Avril was struggling with acne during this time. Those scars have nowhere to hide from the sun without foundation and concealer.

5. Behind the black frame glasses

Can you make out anything concealed by those black frames?

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She does dislike leaving the house without applying eye makeup.

6. After bath selfie

Avril does not allow her eyes to close even when she takes a bath. Maybe all she wanted was for her selfie to look perfect.

7. At the beach house

the beach is one of the few locations where Avril can remove her makeup without fear.