Becky G Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Becky G is adorable, my gosh!

Every year, she also seems to get more attractive.

The singer may have undergone plastic surgery, I’m beginning to wonder. However, I won’t give up without a fight. It might be the hair and cosmetics.

Before and After Pictures

Yes, that is accurate. To determine whether any operation was performed, I’m doing some comparisons with Becky. Take a look.

Did Becky G have a nose job?

She did not.

Becky’s nose occasionally looks thinner, but I believe that’s just the contouring working its magic. It’s not a nose job.

Her nose resembles this one from the bridge bone to the tip, as you can see.

Has Becky had lip fillers?

Becky definitely did not have pouty lips at birth.

She uses lip plumper and lip liner to make them appear thicker, though.

I’m quite sure that’s not lip injection.

Did she get her teeth done?

You might recall Becky’s bad teeth when she initially appeared on the scene.

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She had a gap in her teeth, and they were also rather yellow.

Thankfully, she was able to correct it with veneers and maybe clear braces. Her appearance was significantly improved by the teeth whitening.

Good job!

Did Becky have a boob job?

I don’t believe she did.

Becky’s breasts were not small to begin with, and they have not become abnormally huge.

Therefore, I don’t think she had breast implants. She might have done pushups to make them appear larger, but that’s all.

Did she have a butt lift?

Personally, I believe Becky has a fantastic body form considering her little stature.

It hasn’t changed that even her butt still appears in proportion to the rest of her body.

She may not have had her buttocks enlarged.

Final Thoughts:

Becky, it turns out, didn’t undergo a lot of cosmetic operations.

Her teeth are the only thing she has done. I think the rest of her body and face appear normal.

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Perhaps she was born with it.