Top Pictures Of Britney Spears Without Makeup

Please bare with me while I assume.

Since she always appears to be wearing eyeliner when I see Britney Spears without makeup, I believe she has it tattooed on her body.

Don’t you believe me?

Look at it.

1. Waking Up At Home

Given her untidy hair, Britney most likely had just woken up when she took this selfie.

She had no makeup on, but those eyes made it appear otherwise.

Are you getting what I mean?

2. White, Pale Face

The black outlines around Britney’s eyes are visible against her colorless, pale face.

She probably didn’t intentionally forget to use blush and lipstick.

3. Getting Into A Car

The singer was seen entering her automobile without wearing makeup.

She wasn’t going to any significant events.

4. Crying, Britney

Please allow me to clarify one point.

I wouldn’t say I like watching Britney cry.

I hated it to the core! But what piqued my interest was why her mascara wasn’t smearing behind those tears.

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5. Casual Wear With Glasses

Britney wants to keep things straightforward and unassuming today, even her bare face.

Such spectacles can be helpful.

6. Bald Shaved Head

When Britney opted to cut off her hair completely, I almost forgot about this bald appearance.

Yes, she was at a bad point in her life.

7. She Wants To Drive

Being a superstar is demanding, especially if you are frequently spotted without makeup.

They’ll stop at nothing to get a few pictures of you.

Just let her drive!

8. Young Natural Face

Little Britney managed to draw all eyes away from her unaltered face with just a single black hairband.

She could have looked amazing with a bit of makeup, of course.

9. Buying Groceries

Even though everyone needs groceries, you only sometimes need to look your best in a store, unlike Britney.