15 Times Cardi B Caught On Camera Without Makeup

Cardi B is just keeping it raw and original. 

You must have noticed Cardi B on screen without makeup because she loves to let the world see the natural face. 

There is no doubt that she looks just different.

Honestly, it’s unable to identity her on streets 

Mickey B 

You can see Cardi was enjoying Disneyland with daughter Kulture. Moreover, most of the people don’t identify Cardi even if they are in the same queue.  

The makeup-less look with Mickey mouse large ears gives her a different look.

Lady In Blue

It seems like Cardi just took a shower and wore her blue dress and went to the mall. 

Can you see the shower cap on her head?

Bigger Motherhood

The rapper, Cardi has posted the recent video informing that her boobs are bigger now just because of her motherhood.

Sick Album

At the time of recording her album, Cardi B was not well. Can you imagine how Cardi B looks when she is not well? 

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This makeup-free photo was posted when she was fighting a cold. 

Sleepy Eyes

What do you think, is the rapper about to sleep or she just woke up? 

To my surprise, she even looked beautiful when she woke up. 

Beanie Inside Car

It must be really cold, otherwise, why would she wear a beanie inside the car?

Definitely it was super cold or else why would she prefer to wear a beanie in the car? 

Let’s leave complete makeup for a moment, she didn’t even wear any lip color or mascara. 

Opening Her Mouth

Once Cardi open her mouth, she has something to cry upon. This time, it was about bruises on her legs. 

But hold on, girls have to bear some steam. 

Hair Braiding

If it’s about braiding her hair, then Cardi is not virgin . Not only this, Cardi looks much better without makeup. 

 What do you think?

Angry Face

What do you think Cardi was angry about?

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A man was criticizing and discussing how she was a stripper which made her damn angry.

 Out of a Bath

It’s not hidden how much Cardi loves to share her personal life. Here is one picture in which she just came out of the bathroom taking a shower.

Before Fame

 It seems like that’s one of her pre-debut photos. Almost everyone knows that makeup was not her craze ever.  

Don’t Mess With Her Shower

Just don’t…

Dolphin Kiss

Who doesn’t wish to kiss our beauty?

A dolphin.

Those Nails

For a moment, if you don’t identify Cardi on streets but you can recognize her with her signature nails. 

 Funniest Face

That’s not hidden how great sense of humor Cardi has! It doesn’t matter if she is using makeup or not