Chris Rock Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

One adage holds that laughing makes one look older.

Your laugh lines and crow’s feet work out with every chuckle.

Do you think it’s fair to blame a comedian like Chis Rock for getting plastic surgery?

I won’t.

Before and After Pictures

Not that Chris had any work done, mind you. Before making a decision, I want to make some comparisons.

Did Chris Rock have Botox?

Chris’ face appears to be pretty smooth.

But I notice a slight puffiness on his cheeks, possibly even his forehead. His facial fat may have grown spontaneously, or he may have undergone Botox treatment.

I only know he appears younger.

Has Chris had a facelift?

Chris is taking care of his skin well for a man nearing 60.

I need help seeing any sagging or numerous lines here.

He shouldn’t be thinking about getting a facelift right now, then.

But what draws me to him is the slight enlargement along his jawline.

Face fillers could be working their magic in the background.

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Did he get a nose job?

Chris reminds me of his younger self in terms of his nose.

Nowhere does a nose job appear to have occurred.

From me, it’s a simple “No.”

Does Chris have natural teeth?

Chris did indeed have a few misaligned front teeth.

But I’m confident that the majority are genuine, except for his front teeth,

Which might be veneered.

I am aware that the gap can be readily closed by wearing braces.

But those front teeth’s forms seem odd to me.

Final Thoughts

Put it this way, shall we?

When I get to be Chris’ age, if my face can still look as smooth,

I won’t ever be frightened to laugh.

I’ll let you decide whether cosmetic surgery has anything to do with it.