Dolly Parton Without Makeup Photos Revealed

She always leaves the house with her cosmetics and wig.

If I’m being sincere, the only thing that sees Dolly Parton’s face is the mirror in the bathroom. I did, however, locate several.

We could only come as near as this.

1. She looks different

You would probably never recognize this as Dolly Parton if I hadn’t said it.

She looked incredibly different because she was youthful and without makeup.

2. Keeping her face light at home

She did use eyeliner and a tiny dusting of powder.

It’s not much by her typical standards, but she wasn’t out much because of that.

3. Young and pretty

Although I wonder if Dolly had makeup on, she looked gorgeous without it.

4. Trying the Marilyn Monroe look

Dolly hit the mark with this subtle makeup, but where is the moe? Is it in the incorrect place?

5. Black and white again

Sincere apologies.

As I previously mentioned, there were few images of Dolly without makeup.

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And while this one did show her sporting some eyelashes, the rest of her face was somewhat unadorned.

Please let us know if you locate any as well. We did our best to look for some.