Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’m not sure anymore who to believe.

Some claim Dua Lipa photoshopped her images, while others think she merely underwent plastic surgery.

Even though the singer has refuted the photoshopping, she hasn’t said anything about it.

I’ll thus make an effort to learn the answer for myself.

Did Dua Lipa have lip injections?

I’ve chosen to omit the rumors that Lipa had her baby photo altered to give the impression that her lips were fuller.

Instead, I’ve taken a photo from the year she made her debut,

And it’s easy to see how full her lips were, particularly the lower area.

She may have a poutier top lip now, but considering that she didn’t have any lip gloss or plumper on at the time,

I’m going to say NO.

I don’t believe the singer used lip fillers; these are only cosmetic effects.

Has Lipa had a boob job?

Those who have breast implants are simple to misunderstand at first glance.

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I almost did as well.

Dua Lip does not, by any means, have huge breasts, and she has never been the kind of girl to “push up.”

It does not imply that the girl has no breasts at all, though.

Before, lately, it was simply not her style.

She is more interested in push-up dresses now.

Did Lipa get a butt lift?

Oh my God! Did Dua Lipa’s butt shrink in size?

I believe it did, but only because she has generally been slimmer.

There aren’t many distinctions in her buttock size when you consider this stance


It looks, to me, screams all-natural.

Since she has maintained it, Lipa has a very proportionate body type.

It remains to be seen if she’ll ever desire an enormous butt.

Did Lipa have a nose job?

I don’t know about you, but Lipa’s nose is adorable!

The reason her nose is so distinctive is that, unlike other female celebrities,

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She doesn’t have a particularly pointed nose tip.

Based on these comparative photographs, I don’t see any proof that she has altered her nose in any manner or shape.

I’m happy that she chose not to. She does not require it.


I cannot foresee

 the future.

There has been no proof yet linking Dua Lipa to cosmetic surgery.

Something tells me that she is all about appreciating the beauty of nature.

But we’ll see since this girl is in her 20s and works in a tempting industry.