Top Dua Lipa Without Makeup Pictures Revealed

The truth was something I was aware

I was aware that Dua Lipa would resemble one another without makeup before I put this list together. I was correct; it turns out.

Pure beauty is best described for this girl. You don’t need to apply any additional makeup to her face.

You’ll understand what I mean.

1. She has skin problems too

Lipa is displaying to the world that she also suffers from acne issues by not concealing her skin with concealer.

2. Having fun by the pool

It’s lovely to see the singer enjoying himself in the water.

Look at her. She genuinely put her tongue out!

3. Going in for a workout

Dua Lipa goes to the gym to work out if she is in full activewear and has no makeup.

The fact that she doesn’t seem to want to, though, worries me.

Today may be one of those drearily lazy days.

4. Getting things off her chest

When Lipa said she was releasing her song early because it had been leaked online, you might recall that Instagram lives the moment.

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Simply wanting to get everything off her chest, she didn’t even bother to put on her lipstick.

5. Sipping on fresh coconut

When drinking from a fresh coconut, nothing else in the world matters.

If you have no makeup on, it tastes much better. It resembles forming a link with nature.

6. Just going for a drive

Where she was going was a mystery to me.

She’s not going very far because she forgot her mascara and eye shadow at home.

Perhaps all she wanted to do was take a cruise.

7. Swimming makes her happy

Dua Lipa always appears to be having a good time when she swims, even at the beach.

I don’t know if her makeup-free face has anything to do with it.