13 Natural Face Pictures of Gwen Stefani Without Makeup

For this hot babe, Gwen Stefani never fails in her makeup looks. 

From childhood, I have witnessed her signature red lips look, which she nails completely. 

Those hot red lipsticks, gorgeous eyelashes, and amazing eyeshadows make her songs meaningful.

There is no doubt I have been her fan for a long time; that’s why I think about how she will look without makeup. Let’s have a look at some pictures. 

Get out of bed

Everyone says a woman looks sexiest when she gets out of bed. This picture proves this thing.

Kiss on forehead 

It’s not confirmed whether it’s a morning hike or a camping trip, but Gwen is opting for a makeup-free look. Still, she had a natural glam, that’s why her boyfriend didn’t stop himself from kissing her.

Feeling a little agitated

Gwen seemed a little bothered as if she was not ready for the paparazzi to spot her.

So good to be young

The benefit of being young is that you can go with makeup-less looks too. 

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Since you are young, people still call you beauty.

It’s a sunny day

No one needs an SPF foundation when they wear the Shady Ltd cap. They both look amazing and protects their face from sunlight.

Going for a run 

Stefani was seen jogging near the neighborhood. How does she look great, so Gwen does alot of work out? 

It’s the best time to catch her makeup-less.

Good morning, Snapchat

Gwen usually starts her day with snap moments. One of the moments is when she posted her pictures online barefaced with an emoji person. Going all-natural, the singer nailed the look and pulled back her hair.

Glasses with Mystery Hat

In 2015, the internet went crazy when Gwen posted her make-up-less photo wearing a black-rimmed glass with a mystery hat. According to the rumours, this cap is off to her “then” new boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

 Windy Blondie

It was all windy season, and her blonde hair was flying over her face. Moreover, Gwen isn’t in the mood to get some touch-ups. 

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The Private Detective

Gwen Stefani resembles a lot with Sherlock Holmes, just like her female version. She nailed the look by wearing a detective hat and oversized sunglasses.

Filter Power?

Everyone says she is without makeup; however, I am not convinced. If she is not wearing makeup, this photo must be filtered as her eyelashes are curled, and her lips are glossed. 

Before the application

In this photo, Gwen looks in the mirror in her natural form. She was about to brush some makeup on. Moreover, she has her Palette brand.

Always gorgeous

Just consider it a reminder; this is how she looks after applying makeup. 

With or without makeup, Gwen always looks pretty to me.