10 Heidi Klum Young Pictures We Almost Forgot About

We can’t go into the past! 

Nothing can stop us from loving and adoring younger Heidi Klum.

Check out the cutest images of Heidi Klum from her younger days.

She looked awkward in her teens

Honestly, without any lie, everyone looks a bit weird in their teenage days. 

But no one would ever think this ordinary, awkward-looking girl would be a big celebrity one day. 

You never know how you will turn out when you are young. 

Turning 18

What a turning point! Hitting 18 is a big thing, honestly!

When Heidi turned 18, she started to look prettier day by day. 

Although it was just beginning.

Model for swimmer catalog 

It has to be Heidi works as a model for the swimmer catalog. 

She was undoubtedly a complete package from beauty to a great physique.

Resembles Cindy Crawford

This photo was captured in the year 1997.

It’s a coincidence that Heidi resembles a lot with the supermodel Crawford. They both are extremely beautiful to the next level. 

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This was a life-changing achievement for her.

First German Victoria’s Secret Angel

At only 24, he unlocked another achievement by becoming the first German model to be Victoria’s, Secret Angel.

Bond girl vibe

According to the rumors, Heidi can become part of the James Bond movie. And why not! After all, Heidi has all the Bond file gives in her.

Timeless smile

Be Heidi Klum, young or old, her smile can make anyone her fan.

Heidi Klum has a timeless smile that is not only lasting but classic.

Before fashion show 

This photo was captured just before the fashion show begin. 

This shows how much confidence Heidi has in her that she didn’t pose properly for the camera. She is just standing randomly and giving her timeless smile.

Worst dress ever

This jumpsuit, having a V-neck, is one of the terrible outfits of her career till now. It proves that despite having a professional team, models can make the wrong choice too. 

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 Let the catwalk begins

It doesn’t matter what Heidi’s age is now. With her timeless smile and graceful personality, she will always be recalled as one of the best Victoria’s Secret Angel.