Stunning James Charles Without Makeup Photos

James Charles is the first man to appear on Cover girl for a purpose. Whether or not he is wearing makeup, this man is charming!

Yes, I am referring to his stunning face.

We are all aware of his prowess with palettes and his effortless ability to make his face glow with a few strokes of his magic brushes. But what if we do away with those?

1. Cutest smile on YouTube

Although some may disagree, James Charles has the cutest smile on YouTube.

Just look at those gleaming teeth and naturally attractive eyes! Did I mention that he was acting while filming?

2. Beautiful IT guy

James would undoubtedly be the most attractive IT guy I’ve ever seen if he worked in that field.

Even though he didn’t have any glittering makeup, I would still want him to fix my PC because of his adorable black frames and polished fingernails.

3. He’s having a bad skin day

Internet celebrities are merely human and can have bad days as well.

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Yes, there are a few places of terrible skin and pimples here and there.

Ah honey

4. Perfect swimming pool shot

Since when did his face and hair stop being wet?

He may have intentionally dove into the water to get this ideal image. And I wonder if his cheeks are sunburned or just blushing. Do you?

5. Time to wake up

When James Charles wakes up in bed, he looks exactly like this.

He was without makeup, and his hair was a little unkempt, but he still had a lovely appearance.

6. Mask means less work

James can forego his makeup and concealer by donning a mask.

Yes, it requires less work, but based on his nail, I think he is okay with applying them.

7. Worst hour of his life

I have no idea what transpired, but a rumor has it that James was upset because he left his favorite lipstick at McDonald’s.

8. Beach sunset is beautiful, too

Please tell me what you think is more lovely. He or the beach sunset?

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Both, I’d say.

9. Someone has a double chin

It was just one of those mornings when James needed to amuse his fans.

We can see his exposed face and double chin in this instance. Enjoy!

10. He’s more than a beauty influencer

I’m incredibly proud of James and his success as a makeup artist, YouTuber, and successful beauty influencer.

He is more than just an influencer in my eyes. He is an inspiration and has lovely freckles as well.