Jeffree Star Without Makeup

When it’s about Jeffree Star, we all know her signature look with smokey eyes, nude lipsticks, and colourful palettes.

Even everyone forgets his natural face without any makeup. 

Without any doubt, he runs his cosmetic company smoothly, and his 15 million YouTube subscribers are mad about his different experiments with makeup. 

Today, we will have a look at its barefaced! Sounds interesting?

Young and Natural 

This is one of the photos in which you will spot Jeffree in a most natural look. He is not wearing any wig; however, he is makeup-less and young.

Like a Rockstar

However, his music career is almost finished. It must be surprising to see his passion for music. He doesn’t look less than a rockstar with short hair. 

Before Application

If you are his subscriber and watch his makeup tutorials, you must be aware of this scene. You are right; he starts any application with a natural face. 

No Eyebrows

Most people don’t know, but Jeffree shaved his eyebrows a long time back. Possibly, he did so to try various styles and positions of fake brows.

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Hiding His Tattoos

It’s impossible to believe that he is Jeffree as it’s a photo in which he does not have a single tattoo. 

He used all possible things foundation, concealer, liquid lip colour and what not to disappear his tattoos and create his new skin.

Crying star

What’s the reason behind crying this badly? 

His dog is no more, and he cannot hide his emotions.

Lips swell up

Many years back, Jeffree being a celebrity, got 

 a botched lip injection procedure. During the process, the doctor injected mixed silicone into his lips without permission.

However, the surgeon resolved the matter, but , he survived with swollen lips for some da due to blunderys.

Removing makeup 

We have almost seen Jeffree star with makeup all the time. How about seeing him without makeup?

It’s time to have a look at Jeffree while removing makeup. 

Still, he manages to look pretty, isn’t he?