Unreal Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup Photos

Few people are aware of how vital Jennifer Aniston’s makeup is and what it has done for her face over the years;

Most people only see her hair.

She has stunning eyes and a jawline that would appear unreal with a little touch-up.

Not to mention her distinctive chin, which, dare I say it, calls for particular brushing methods.

I’m curious to see what happens after those makeups are taken off.

Just have a look.

1. Crying, Jen

Ok, who did Jennifer cry

Why is she acting so depressed?

Oh, it was supposedly a scene from one of her films.

If the director hadn’t taken out her eyeliners, things would have gotten a little messy,

But she had it all worked out.

2. Shedding Some Pounds

I will be sincere.

Her double chin made it almost impossible for me to identify her.

She, fortunately, understands just what to do to lose weight. Good job!

3. Young Long Curls

Makeup is barely noticeable when you’re young and attractive.

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All eyes will be on you if you have a few long curls.

4. Scar Face

Look at Jennifer Aniston’s face; there’s a big scar. Yes, it does not seem reasonable.

Why, then, does she not use foundation to hide it?

The scar is, in fact, a false one.

The star of her film Cake is the one with that expression.

5. Looking Out the Car Window

Another view of the Cake persona “Claire Bennett” can be seen here,

When a makeup-free, Jen peers out a car window and reveals a new scar close to her mouth.

6. Professional Woman

On her face, Jennifer was only wearing her spectacles when she was seen walking down the street.

Doesn’t she appear to be a polished businesswoman with that phone and folder in one arm?

By the way, her hair highlights are gorgeous!

7. Beach Look

Why does she appear so irritated at the beach? Maybe she’s seen a paparazzi.

But Jennifer needs to be aware of how lovely she looks in a bikini, even with the makeup and lipstick.

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8. With Hairdresser Chris McMillan

When Jennifer posed for this photo with her hairstylist, Chris McMillan,

She undoubtedly proved the adage that a hairdresser is your best friend to be true.

How much information about famous people does he possess?

9. Morning Show Selfie

Jen shot a selfie in the car when they were drinking coffee this morning

While she was driving to the morning program.

Considering how stunning her blue eyes are,

I’m thankful she wasn’t wearing any eyelashes. Is it a pair of contact lenses?

10. Sporty Clothes and Sunglasses

With her sportswear and sunglasses, Jen appears to be getting ready for a workout.

I’m curious if she’s going to the gym for a yoga class. She is dressed for the occasion.

11. The Runner

This picture reminded Jennifer of her best form and shape when you thought she couldn’t possibly become fitter.

Who needs concealers when you’re jogging around town and acquiring a gorgeous tan?

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Put on some headphones

Quite a life!

12. Long Time Friends

Here, we see the recognizable faces reuniting after a break of 15 years after the final “Friends” episode aired.

Given her effortlessness in front of Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox,

Jen has a special connection with them.

13. Ordinary Sweater and Pants

I apologize, but I don’t like this sweater or pants.

Their appearance is plain, and it’s evident that her pale complexion doesn’t help.

She can resolve this with a blusher.

14. Scratching Her Head

Jennifer is wondering what is going on.

Oh, she neglected to pack her makeup.

15. Smoking Habit

Yes, Jen used to smoke, and we are all aware of the adverse effects of smoking on your complexion.

If she hadn’t resigned, no amount of cosmetics could have made up for the loss of vitamin C.

Break the habit now! (I speak to myself)