Keanu Reeves Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I am still determining how he managed it.

Nearly 60 years old and barely showing signs of aging is Keanu Reeves.

If I were to speculate,

He had preserved his youthful appearance through plastic surgery.

Of course, I might be in error.

I had to do this because of that.

Before and After Photos

On his face, I’ve been doing a lot of research.

Has Keanu Reeves had a facelift?

There is no proof that Keanu underwent a facelift treatment,

Unless his beard covers the scars.

Yes, given his age, it is imposing. I’m completely speechless.

Did Keanu have Botox?

The photos you see above were taken at least ten years apart, believe it or not.

Keanu, though, hardly has a wrinkle in sight.

However, I can see that his cheeks are a touch puffy. I’m leaning toward Botox in this situation.

That’s the only reason he looks so good!

Did he get a nose job?

Keanu’s nose allegedly being a fake has been the subject of some rumors.

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But the parallel I just made has addressed this rumor head-on.

I don’t believe he got a nose job, in other words. His nose forms are the same from whichever angle you view him.

What about his teeth?

The teeth on this guy are gorgeous.

Even though they currently appear a little yellow, I don’t believe they are phony.

Since teeth whitening is an easy solution, it is not a significant problem.

Final Thoughts

Since Keanu appeared in the worldwide phenomenon “Speed,” I have been in love with him.

But I find it hard to believe that, even after all these years, I still see the same face.

If he chooses to, he can quickly remake the film.

I would be pretty surprised if he had never undergone cosmetic surgery for that reason.

Do you agree?