Kylie Jenner No Makeup Pics Looks Incredible

Kylie Jenner undoubtedly has a wealth of knowledge regarding makeup as the founder of one of the most prosperous cosmetics companies in the world.

Yes, she is a babe and also really inspirational.

But what transpires when she doesn’t wear makeup? Continue reading to find out.

1. Freckles and Scars

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m just as surprised as you are.

What I mean to say it,

Kylie is much like the rest of us when she skips the makeup, which is something no one would have predicted.

In fact, she also has scars from acne and freckles.

2. Young Ordinary Girl

Before she became fixated on makeup and selfies, Kylie used to appear rather normal, and I almost forgot about that.

She has progressed significantly.

3. In the Mall

Kylie didn’t resemble her beautiful Instagram photos at all when she was sighted in the mall.

She didn’t have any makeup on and wore glasses.

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4. Removing Makeup

Kylie published a video in which she described how she removes her makeup every day.

She looks gorgeous even without makeup.

5. At the Airport

Something tells me Kylie wasn’t really pleased about being captured on camera at the airport.

Her expression gives the whole tale.

She might not have wanted her exposed face to be seen by others.

6. Magical Face Shape

It’s incredible how frequently Kylie’s face shape changes.

She must have had magic brushes, I suppose.

7. Mommy Hug

I honestly don’t care if she didn’t wear makeup since a mother’s hug is the most beautiful thing in the world. Don’t you agree?

8. No Ugly Woman

Kylie’s face then was so uninteresting; I can’t believe it. If you’re willing to put the work in, it’s remarkable what a few cosmetic products can accomplish.

She demonstrated that the only kind of woman who is lazy is ugly!

9. Thinking Too Much

I’m not sure if it’s because of her bare face, but Kylie seems to be thinking a lot.

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Being the youngest billionaire in the world must be difficult.

10. Messy Throwback

Here is a unique flashback photo of Kylie Jenner without any makeup and disheveled hair.

She probably won’t ever look like this again.

11. Happy to Share

Kylie is always willing to share her unique tricks and suggestions for makeup and beauty.

She created a lesson film for Vogue where she demonstrates her eye and facial makeup techniques.

12. Freckle Face Blondie

I adore how Kylie gave her hair a light color to accentuate her freckles. It is so lovely!

She should have removed those eyelashes as well for a fully natural appearance.

13. Beauty Wants a Coffee

Even drinking a cup of coffee in the parking lot seems to draw attention to Kylie.

I suppose that’s the cost of being a well-known beauty.

14. Shaved Head

I initially believed Kylie Jenner had shaved her head. I then understood that she was merely using her sunglasses as a headband.

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Can you picture Kylie without makeup and a bald head? That will quickly bring down the internet.

15. What the Green 

Although I was aware of how significant her metamorphosis was, seeing it side by side like this makes it seem almost fantastical.

Cinderella has simply grown sexier and greener, that’s all.