10 Images of Marilyn Manson Without Her Typical Face Paint

He paints his face white and then adds whatever colors he wants. Now, applying cosmetics is a regular part of his routine.

But do we want to forget his looks when he’s not wearing any?

In the style of a rapper

And here he is, in a baseball cap and a blue T-shirt, looking like the Marilyn Manson I never knew existed. He would be a rapper just starting.

It’s fresh air, especially considering she’s wearing braces and no makeup.

Dozing off in bed

The singer appears to have been up all night drinking and fast asleep. Seeing how he had a towel around his midsection, I can only assume he tried to get into the tub but was unsuccessful.

Using the Telephone

Here’s a clip of Marilyn on the phone where she’s not wearing any makeup and looks completely different.

With his hair gelled back and his goatee well trimmed, he exudes an aura of solemnity. The movie’s title, “Sons of Anarchy,” is included here for anyone interested.

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Brown Hair

My first impression of Marilyn on ‘Eastbound & Down’ on HBO was that he was donning a wig (he probably did). I neglected to take into account that his natural hair color is brown.

Dashing Teenager

The public is thus introduced to Brian Hugh Warner. The young man who grew up to be known as Marilyn Manson has always had dark hair.

I never imagined I’d say this, but, despite the mullet, he looks gorgeous.

In addition, take note of the eyebrows. The gothic aesthetic is more him.

Stainless Steel Moustaches


The rock star was photographed exiting a bar in West Hollywood looking as stylish as ever. He wore a black coat with trilby and vintage aviator sunglasses. While I appreciate his little makeup application, I wish he hadn’t shown his gleaming misaligned teeth.

Those silver teeth are unsettling, and he reminds me of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Not Nicholas Cage

Something about his hairstyle, his nose, or the lack of cosmetics on his face makes him appear like Nicholas Cage.

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Punishment – Jail

Where did Marilyn Manson go wrong?

Just a Sons of Anarchy episode, nothing to see here.

You could guarantee he would have a tough time complying with the “no makeup” requirement if he were incarcerated.

The Forgotten Glance

The lead vocalist of this influential band used to have long hair. Can you imagine a face without the ashy white foundation, dark eyeshadow, and lip color?

Unforgettable, sadly missed, and long since forgotten: that look.

The Best Dad Ever Is

A photo like this makes me certain that Marilyn would be a wonderful parent.

His regular expression is quite soft and friendly here. The little oval glasses were a big help, too.

It doesn’t matter if he stops using makeup; he’ll still be the hippest band parent.