10 Best Pictures of Megan Fox Without Makeup

It’s not only me; most people are curious to know if Megan Fox is natural beauty even without makeup. 

Let’s have a look!

Fun with dolphin 

One thing is for sure.

It doesn’t matter to dolphins if you are good-looking; that’s why Megan didn’t apply any makeup here. But she is being herself and enjoying the most.

Solving the Rubik’s Cube

She can look bright and pretty at the same in those glasses. 

But no one knows whether she can complete the Rubik’s cube.

She looks restless

I don’t know the exact name of the movie, but in this scene, Megan looks restless, maybe due to no makeup look. 

She looks similar to a junkie.

Like a female soldier

However, in this photo army cap doesn’t have any purpose, but Megan still looks tough and headstrong here. The soldier is heading towards a war.

Taking a selfie in the car

For a moment, let’s not talk about Megan’s prettiest lashes, but if anyone looks this fantastic without makeup, she will take selfies.

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Swimming near the rocks

High alert!

The actress is swimming at some distance to the rocks.

Looking messy on the street

What do you think can be why Megan fox is messy and without makeup? 

The only reason can be that she wants to avoid grabbing the limelight. 

What do you think?

Cold Winter Day Out

It is a refreshing winter morning. The actress goes for a makeup look without applying lip colour and eyeshadow.

Selfie after a workout

If I am right, this selfie of Megan is after the workout. The workout glow is prominent, and her skin looks crystal clear, as if she has applied foundation.

Walking in the middle of the road

That’s obvious in the photo that Megan is barefaced; that’s why maybe here, no one identifies her.