Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

No, this is not a game.

These side-by-side images fully illustrate my reasons for thinking Ryan Reynolds underwent plastic surgery.

Take a look.

Has Ryan Reynolds had a nose job?

Where I heard this from escapes me.

However, based on the images above, Ryan’s nose appears to be somewhat similar,

Thus, a nose job has never been performed.

Did Ryan have Botox?

You can see the crow’s feet around Ryan’s eyes and cheeks when he smiles or laughs.

In this aspect, nothing has changed.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt even though he appears to have something strange on his forehead while stating that.

Did Reynolds get a hair transplant?

I initially assumed that he did.

I’m going to answer “no” after comparing these two images.

Reynolds did begin to have a thinning hairline at a young age,

But I don’t believe it has become that terrible. It could be a tiny bit.

A hair transplant is, therefore, unlikely.

He doesn’t require one.

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What about his teeth?

Ryan’s teeth were not perfect from birth.

He had a gap between his front teeth, which he filled with braces and veneers.

How do you feel?

Final Thoughts

I was utterly mistaken in my judgment.

Ryan is not a big fan of plastic surgery. He has accomplished the most with his white teeth.

I can only see that.