SZA Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

She looks too different, almost a changed person. 

Even if someone proves that she hasn’t undergone surgery, I will not believe it. 

Yes, I am serious.

Before and After Pictures

I put forward my points with proper backup. That’s the reason I am making this comparison of photos on SZA. Let’s have a look.

Has SZA had a nose job?

As per I knowledge, she did not do anything.

The singer has a naturally cute nose and didn’t experiment with anything with her. 

Still, many people assume she has had surgery on her nose. But her weight loss and makeup made some changes to her nose.

Did she get lip fillers?

SZA has born with thick lips.

Don’t you think SZA Lucky?

That’s why, because of already having thick lips, SZA doesn’t need lip fillers.

Did SZA have a boob job?

When SZA didn’t lose weight, everyone assumed that her boobs must be enormous. 

With her body shape, her bust size will be changing. It means her boobs are naturally big and don’t need fake implant processes.

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What about a chin transplant? 

It seems like SZA has done some plastic surgery on her face. 

It doesn’t matter if her cheeks are skin, but her chin and jawline are incredibly sharp. 

Any chin implantation or jaw sculpting procedure has been done. If this is the reality, it works and makes her look better. 

Final Thoughts

It’s fun to see how this Singer, Solána Imani looked when she was not famous.  

She has never agreed to the news of going through surgeries. However, her transformation makes it doubt her answers.