13 Rare Taylor Swift Without Makeup Photos

Don’t consider it a joke, to be honest! Only one celebrity looks precisely the same with or without makeup, and she is none other than Taylor Swift. 

If there is a celebrity who looks similar with or without makeup, it’s Taylor Swift!

This girl has god-gifted beauty, and these cosmetics only enhance it; hence it’s secondary. 

Taylor naturally has such a face that it doesn’t need proper contouring. 

Have a look by yourself.

Turning Into The Man 

Let’s look at the screenshot of Taylor’s bare face from her music video “The Man”.

Watch the complete video, and you will know how she turned into the man by using makeup, a fake beard and hair. 

Undoubtedly, it’s a fantastic makeover, making it challenging to identify Taylor. 

She Went Bananas!

It’s about when some banana followed her on laser eye surgery, which upset her. 

Jimmy Fallon arranged the video of “No Makeup” from her mom and later displayed it on his show.

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Taylor, the poor girl, was in alot of pain. 

Night Time Selfie

With less makeup and a casual hairstyle, a singer can look beautiful all day long. 

Crying A River

No one had any idea why she was crying during the interview. However, fortunately, she was not wearing mascara, or her tears would have been black. 

Swimming Taylor 

It’s great that a celebrity like Taylor swift loves being herself and enjoying the beach to the next level without considering makeup and hairstyles. 

Driving Glasses

Taylor swift needs glasses for driving, like a necessity even before Lasik.

Beauty and The Cat

Taylor is fond of cats, so it’s just one of their memories. 

Let’s leave the beast; nowadays, even beauties do wear eyeliner.

Be My Guest

Who wouldn’t like to be a guest if Taylor makes a barbecue? Just give a glance at the yummiest barbeque. 

Yes, even Taylor swift cooks too. 

 Surprise At The Gym

It’s difficult to guess who came to the gym and surprised Taylor like this. 

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However, it could be Dwayne Johnson or The Rock; what do you think?

Giving Donuts

In this photo, Taylor swift is spotted without makeup, and she tries to hide her face with the doughnut; you know what? She succeeds somehow.

 Casual Street Look

This beautiful singer, Taylor swift, was seen on the streets of New York 

 in a casual boxed shirt, black pants, and an over-the-shoulder handbag. The beautiful singer just nailed the look. 

Too Many Emotions

Here, Taylor swift is full of emotions. 

However, it’s completely okay; let the emotions flow.

 The Nerd

I can bet that you don’t know who this person is.

Lose the bet? It’s Taylor swift, yes, and you read it right.

This is Taylor swift, who is pretending to be a nerd 

with big red glasses and braces. 

This whole dressing was done to do a prank on Tonight Show.