13 Young Gordon Ramsay Pictures that are F**king RAW

Everyone has a different opinion and point of view. Some people think he is good-looking, while others think he is ugly. 

But did you know what Gordon Ramsay looked like before entering the world of cooking?

This successful celebrity chef who is always yelling and judging others in the kitchen was once a young boy with alot of dreams and wishes. When you search more about it, you will get to know what his real plans are. 

He never wanted to be a chef but was a football player.

He was not that bad in his teenage days. Only god knows what happened after he stepped into the kitchen.


He was born in Scotland and later raised in England. His childhood was not as luxurious as people expected. 

In reality, he describes himself as a wanderer as he didn’t have a stable home. 

Everyone loves his attractive blue eyes and his bob haircut.

Orange hair?

Gordon’s photo has some filter, or he changed his hair colour. It seemed to be a mystery. Those freckles on his nose and bob haircut make him the cutest.

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Young and handsome

Gordon Ramsay is young and handsome.

The young Gordon’s eye speaks the volume of innocence and honesty. He was extended handsome, even ditching his apple cut for any shorter hairstyle.

Football days

Gordon was passionate about a few things, including football. When he likes something, he gives his soul and blood to it. This thing is not only implemented in cooking but in football too.

This picture is of his younger days when he is having the best time playing his favourite football. The mud on his face and body is enough to tell his passion and love for football. 

He’s got pimples

Here is another image of Gordon from his teenage days. By spotting pimples on his face, you can imagine that he has been experiencing a hormone change since he hit puberty. 

Fishing trip

There was a time when teen Gordon loved to do fishing. In this picture, it is visible that he is enjoying his fishing trip and he caught something great, be it fish or something else he loves alot.

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First chef hat and uniform

Gordon had never focused on becoming a chef or food expert; it was undoubtedly his undiscovered passion. But still, by the look of his efforts, he somehow gets his first chef hat and uniform as he poses proudly for his picture.

Look at this dream boat!

Since Ramsay posted this gorgeous throwback picture online, it’s a buzz on social media, and people are getting crazy over Gordon’s image in which he looks extremely sexy.

Even one follower commented OMG look at this dream boat”.

Playing for Rangers 

Since childhood Gordon was a crazy fan of the Rangers, so it was his dream to perform as a football player representing the Rangers. But unfortunately, his football journey was not short due to his severe knee injury. Still, his journey proceeds until the trial round; that’s no less than an achievement.

Family photo

It’s a very rare sight we can spot a Ramsay family photo 

 Here you’ll find:

  • Dad – Gordon James Ramsay Senior
  • Mom – Helen Cosgrove
  • Younger brother – Ronnie
  • Younger sister – Yvonne
  • Older sister – Dianne
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…and, of course, the young Gordon Ramsay Junior himself.

Passionate about cooking

After a severe injury in his knee ( tearing the cartilage and cruciate ligament), Gordon realized that his football journey had ended.  

That was the time he started to take culinary asses and become passionate about the cooking journey. 

After football, cooking is their second love and passion for Gordon, which is visible in his smile on the show. 

Learning in process 

Gordon has invested many years of his life in the cooking field and learned a lot of things from big names, including Marco Pierre White and Albert Roux. He was a good-looking man from the start, without any doubt. 

Let the fire begin!

The burden of running his restaurant chain and judging on the show makes him in charge of it.  

Since 1998, he has become the angrier and hot-tempered TV chef in Britain and America.  

He is much more gentle and fair now.