Young Morgan Freeman Pictures Before He Was Famous

Please don’t misinterpret this.

Since I first saw Morgan Freeman on the big screen, he didn’t look youthful.

Although I can’t say if he was born that way, these pictures will likely be.

1. Smart young man

Even when he was younger, Morgan seemed to be a fountain of knowledge.

At least from the way he looks.

2. He served in the air force

Yes, he was in the air force,

Though I wonder if many people are aware of this.

3. Looking like a hippie

I’m not sure whether this is from a movie,

But this is precisely how Morgan would appear if he were a hippy.

4. Stand-up talk

Regardless of his age, you can always tell when Morgan is giving a stand-up speech that he has something insightful to say.

5. Playing a vampire character

I suppose being an actor requires you to take on any role,

Including that of a vampire, especially if you need to be more well-known.

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6. He can be a bum too

He can indeed be a man who is homeless. What you described as a professional was this.

7. Career breakthrough was a matter of time

In 1989, just as a few white hair strands started to show, Morgan had an extensive career break.

He was still relatively young.