Young Sarah Jessica Parker Photos Screams BEAUTY!

Ever wonder how Sarah Jessica Parker looked as a child?

Your chance is now!

It seems sense that the star of “Sex and the City,” the biggest TV show on the planet…ever, was already attractive before she became famous.

1. She was a chubby baby

Who would have anticipated Sarah Jessica Parker being as fat as a baby?

She is a sweet little angel with a beautiful grin, and I have no doubt that she makes everyone around her happy.

2. The sister bond

Little Sarah has a strong bond with Rachel Parker, her older sister, with whom she shared a room as a child, among the family’s eight children.

3. Reading with mom

Sarah’s mother would sit down with her when she was young so they could read books. As a result, she acquired a reading habit that would later become very important.

4. Like a REAL doll

OMG! Would you take a moment to admire those gorgeous long brown hair and large blue eyes?

She had a doll-like appearance. A genuine doll

5. Big family photo

The entire family of Sarah is shown in this uncommon retro photo. Her family members are represented here in the following order:

  • Step father: Paul Forste
  • Mother: Babara Forste
  • Brother: Pippen parker
  • Brother: Timonthy Britten Parker
  • Sister: Allegra Forste
  • Sister: Megan Forste
  • Brother: Aaron D. Forste
  • Brother: Andrew Forste
  • Sister: Rachel Parker
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In any case, did you see Sarah?

6. Broadway musical talent: Annie

Parker was selected to perform the title role in “Annie” on Broadway in front of actual live audiences at the age of barely 14. Speaking of emerging talent

7. Sweet 16 girl

This image shows SJP when he was 16 years old. Oh, she was very cute.

8. Awkward adulthood phase

As she entered the early stages of adulthood, Parker was around 18 or 19 years old.

She may have gotten a little lost in her styling, and sure, I also didn’t get the pearl necklace.

On second thought, haven’t we all experienced this awkward stage?

9. Forgotten romance

Can anyone identify this man?

Do it now!

I recognize him, doesn’t he?

They allegedly dated for seven years, and yes, it’s our heroic Ironman, Robert Downey, Jr.

10. Born with fashion senses

I was aware that SJP possesses an eye for style and isn’t hesitant to push boundaries.

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But I wonder if Madonna played any role in the design of this top.

11. Yoga on the beach

Sarah’s fantastic physique is well known.

She enjoys staying active and follows The Hampton, Mediterranean, and South Beach Diets.

12. The Rachel haircut

Does anyone else think Parker resembles Jennifer Aniston from her “Friends” days?

In other words, isn’t this the renowned “Rachel Haircut”?

13. The Gothic look

Sarah has a dark side, but I’ve never noticed it before.

This is as Gothic as SJP has ever gone in her life, in my opinion, with her medium-length black hair styled straight, Smokey eyes, and dark red lipstick.

14. A bright teenager

Here is a photo of Sarah as a young adult.

She wasn’t the most attractive at the time, I must confess, but she was undoubtedly a smart child.

Her hair ribbon is just gorgeous, by the way!

15. Finding true love

Sarah Jessica Parker met actor Matthew Broderick after her separation with the Iron Man. They began dating in 1992, and their union was one of real love.

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16. Tying the knot

They were together for five years before getting hitched in 1997. She wore this well-known black wedding gown, which she later seemed to regret.

It was quite distinctive even though the hue definitely wasn’t appropriate for the situation. I enjoyed it.

17. Rise in fame

Following her casting as Carrie Bradshaw in the acclaimed HBO series “Sex and the City,” Parker’s popularity soared. This woman’s role in American television history was eventually acknowledged as one of the best.

The decade’s style icon, Sarah, rose to prominence almost immediately.

18. Famous blonde curls

Sarah’s golden curls became her signature hairdo since she served as a role model for many women.